The yellow sustainable pendant lamp returns to Frederiksværk

When we, the architect Flemming Agger and SunFlux (Mike and Thomas), embarked on the development of the Capelo lamp series in October 2016, Frederiksværk indirectly entered, as an important inspiration for choosing part of the sustainable idea and choice of materials. In my youth, I (Thomas) came to the Frederiksværk area. Friends often told of the colorful glow at dawn when the Steel Rolling Mill was opened and the glowing steel lit up the sky as it was the morning sun. That is why I went out several times to experience this fascinating image. Nearly an artistic image appeared on the horizon.

Yellow steel lamp

Fotograf: NLMK DanSteel A/S

Just that for many years they had had a production of steel, based on metal scrap, which A. P. Møller used, among other things. to build ships, became the inspiration for capelo`s lamps to be made of metal, and with all metal parts for lamp shades, lamp frames and lamp foot of recycled iron scrap. This is to reduce and save the use of the globe’s minerals.

Art, contemplation and danish design

Now one of these “steel plate lamps” is returning to Frederiksværk, like a beautiful zinc yellow pendant lamp of recycled iron for an artist’s home. The many colors of the home are accomplished, radiating warmth, productivity and creativity. The yellow pendant lamp matches, the plaid on the couch, the glass art in the window and the many colorful pictures. The hanging lamp also provides an efficient downside light to the floor in a limited area, and of course we recommend inserting CO2 saving LED bulbs into the E27 socket.

Pendel lampe capelo gul
Pendant lamp in yellow color

Frederiksværk – Music & Culture House

The city was largely built around the then canon foundry in the 19th century, and it is estimated that between 2,500 to 2,600 cannons were cast and sold from Frederiksværk. Today, part of the cannon foundry has been transformed into beautiful GjethusA cultural and music house that many Danish people visit. In the city you can also see canals and other architecture, which is worth a visit.

Gjethuset – Credits Gjethuset – VisitNordsjælland

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