The Capelo Concept

capelo-sustainable-production with recycling

Sustainable Production

The amount of scrap in the world grows by the day. That is why the recycling of our precious raw materials plays a vital part in the production of the Capelo lamp. All the way from the spawn of the idea it has been very important for us to implement the sustainable process.

We wish to maintain a production precessing with environmental care. That is why all the metal parts on our lamps are manufactured with 100% recycled metal. This way the environmental load of the Capelo lamp is kept at a minimum.

The Pure, Unique Pen Stroking

With a pure pen stroking, the architect has visualized a clean and unique lamp design. The dashing lines and stylish palette of colors will ensure that the Capelo lamp will fit beautifully in any home, and in any room.


Materials and Aesthetics for the Future

The timeless design and laser cut precision in the production, with high quality materials, will ensure that the Capelo lamp will last for generations. When time comes, the recycled metal in the lamps will once again be incorporated into other productions, still with the climate in mind.

The Architect behind Capelo

Flemming Agger capelo lamps

Through his carrer, the architect Flemming Agger has designet a variety of metal lamps for Le Klint. The combination of classic paper screen and Aggers design turned out to be a huge success.

Le Klint model 368

Back in 1979 the metal lamp with the iconic white paper screen, Le Klint model 368, was introduceret and a true classic was born. To date it is the best selling floor lamp in the history of Le Klint.

capelolamps le klint model
capelo som grolys
Capelo pendel med grolys

Capelo pendel med en grolys skaber et unikt og funktionelt udseende. 

Capelo pendlen har en enkel, minimalistisk form, der passer til mange forskellige indretningsstile.

Fremhæv din planter 

Med en grolys pære, kan du hjælpe din planter gennem den mørke tid uden det går ud over dit hjems flotte indretning. En grolys pærer udsender et naturligt hvidt lys, som der mest effektivt fremmer plantevækst.

Indendørs have

Hele opsætningen skaber en slags lille indendørs have, hvor planten er i centrum, og lampen fungerer som en slags kunstig sol. Det er en kombination af funktion og æstetik, der både fremmer plantens vækst og tilføjer et unikt designelement til rummet.