capelo table lamp

Capelo table lamp – both as a living room lamp – desk lamp and bedside lamp. A natural ECO friendly choice of a sustainable table lamp where all metal is made of 100% recycled iron. The Capelo table lamp is already a true design classic and many have adopted it. In the living room, the desk lamp decorates desks, in the children’s room as reading lamp, bedside lamp or desk lamp. In the bedroom both as a night lamp and reading lamp. In the office or home office as a simple architect designed desk lamp.

capelo disklamp by Flemming Agger

Energy saving and sustainable table lamp

When using the capelo desk lamp, we recommend using energy-saving LED light sources to save CO2 emissions and saves our environment. We have also packed the table lamp in recycled cardboard and hemp bags which can be recycled and later composted. Since the desk lamp is the most recycled iron, the life of the lamp will also help turn the desk lamp into an ECO icon. This also gives you an LED table lamp.


The light from the desk lamp

To get the perfect working light on the desk, the desk lamp is typically placed on the left side of the desk where notes and other paper are read. The light from the lamp can be focused with an E14 spot light bulb in the reading lamp, or more diffused with an E14 circular beam light source. The light sources help to give a different expression of the desk lamp. Good light increases your focus, soothes the feeling of fatigue. Check out our reading bulbs for the capelo reading lamp here.


Bed lamp selection – bedside lamp

Capelo’s many color combinations make the table lamp fit in everywhere. The white bedroom with white bedside lamp or black desk lamp as contrast. The more colorful room where the lampshade can be selected in Green, Yellow, Pink or Dragonfly bohemian with light shades through the cracker painted lampshade. Super nice on the lamp frame in either black or white. Many exciting tablelamp options.


Be happy with the table lamp

As your own interior designer, or with the help of trained interior designers, the Danish Flemming Agger architect designed table lamp placement will hopefully delight you for a long time. If not, the desk lamp can be easily moved and mounted elsewhere, the desk lamp has 3 meters of wire and easy access to the on/off top of the lamp, and therefore easy to reposition.