The architect Flemming Agger

Flemming Agger capelo lamps

Flemming Agger

The architect Flemming Agger was born in 1944. He was first trained as a furniture carpenter and then as an architect from the School of Arts and Crafts.

Le Klint model 368

Agger has designed several metal lamps for Le Klint. The combination of the classic displays and the flemming agger’s design was a great success from the beginning.

In 1979, the metal lamp Le Klint model 368 was launched at the Gothenburg fair. – A classic was born, and the model 368 black is the best-selling stand lamp to date in Le Klint’s history.

capelolamps le klint model

Capelo Lamp Series

Most recently, Agger has embarked on a new exciting project in lamp design, the Capelo lamp series, in collaboration with the lighting company SunFlux