Capelo Pendant

Our Eco-friendly handmand metal pendant lamp is made out of 100 % recycled metal. It can be used for places where the light is coming hidden from up top, and that is typically places where meals are prepared and where they can be enjoyed. The celling lamp is also available in half transparent version called DragonFly, which is handmade from Resin, and then handpaintet with crackeled white paint, where the room is lit up when painting it. Vi recommend energy saving LED light bulbs to recduce pollution of CO2 (E27 light bulb with large socket). It is attached to the cord and is available in black and white.

capelo pendant lamp by Flemming Agger

Sustainable and recyclable lamp series

With Capelo’s series of pendant lamps you can light up every room in your house with cosy lightning. The lamp shades are both produced with sustainability, but they are also handmade which makes each and every one of the shades unique. All of our lamp’s shades are made out of 100 % recycled metal plates. When you receive a lamp from us, you will also come to see that all the cardboard is made out of recycled cardboards and paper, and that the plastic bag that is usually used to protect the lamp from an damages is in our case replaced by a hemp bag, that can be reused and that is compostable. That is our way of doing as much as we can to take care of our planet.

Lamp style

The interior of your room will be added with modern lamps in a Nordic and stylish design. You can choose between pendant lamps in simple colours such as white, black or DragonFly, that will all work well together with simple coloured interior or rustic interior. The DragonFly pendants that are handmade in Bali, and afterwards painted with crackled painting, are also a well fit into your home that has a bohemian style, since the pendant can add a more sophisticated look to other rooms. The light breaks through the lamp shade and with that the lamp gives a cosy light where you can feel the charm of the handmade frame in the room.

Classic lamps or colour lamps

The classic metal lamps made out of recycled metal gives you an opportunity to get the atmosphere that you look for in your room with the many different colours available. Give yourself time to get the right colour/model lamp frame and your room will be perfect and complete. We recommend looking closely after the style of your room. What kind of style does the room have, that you are looking to decor? Does it have a minimalistic look with a cosy style to it? Or does it have more of a modern look? How do you want the lamps to fit into the colour palette? Do you want your lamps/colours to blend into the colour scheme? Or do you want them to give contrast or stand out? Also consider the pendants size and style. Do you want the room to light up or for the light to be more directional? Do you want the room to have a more feminist touch of the Rosa pendant lamp, or to be more bold with the zinc yellow pendant? Do you want to hang more lamps up in groups of the same size or do wish to place the lamps in groups with varying lamp frame sizes?

Application and expression

How do you use your lamp? Is it for general lightning or are you using the pendant over areas where you wish for extra light? Big pendants usually fit well over big dinner tables and they look amazing in rooms with high ceilings. Another thing that has a great influence on pendant and lamps is the light source that is used. We recommend using a CO2 saving light source in our Capelo Lamps, where you can choose to use warm light sources from 2100 kelvin to cold light sources up till 5000 kelvin. The light sources also play a part in making the lamp frames have different looks and expression, this includes everything from vintage looks to smart and modern lighting.


Capelo Lamp shades/pendants can be used as

Kitchen pendant, bedroom lamp, guestroom lamps, dinner table lamps, lamps for the workshop, cottage lamps, lamps to hang over the bar, hall lamps, conference room lamps, hospitality lamps, cantina pendants, café lamps, hotel lamps, office lighting – the lamps can be used anywhere inside, where you feel like you need to room to light up.

We wish you all the best and good luck with decorating! If you need further guidance on how to decorate with pendant lamps you can contact us or contact your interior designer.