Capelo Floor Lamp

The Capelo floor lamp and its purpose – The Capelo floor lamp can have many locations. Many will use the floor lamp in the living room as a reading lamp, others will use the floor lamp as a decorative lighting in the bedroom or where it best decorates the room. Finally, many use the Capelo floor lamp in the office as general lighting.

Capelo Floor Lamp by Flemming Agger

ECO friendly and sustainable floor lamps

The Capelo floor lamps come in many variations. But one thing applies to all the lamps. They are made from 100% recycled metal.
The lamps are packed in recycled cardboard and the lampshades are further packaged in “egg tray shells and hemp bags” to avoid plastic waste. A ll these initiatives have been prioritized in order for the lamps to leave the smallest environmental footprint as possible, still with our design visions intact.

Choose your combination

We have done our best to create a simple designed floor lamp that fits easily into any environment.
Flemming Agger, the architect behind the floor lamp, has created a simple standard lamp which is easily cleaned and has a functional 3-meter-long cord that can be wiped off too.
The lamp frames are available in black or white. The lamp shades, on the other hand, come in various colors. That way you can combine the lamp frames and shades to create a combination that fits your style.

Lampshade movement - Uplight

The lamp shade on the standard lamp can be moved forward easily, as well as just over 360 gr. – perfect for cosy uplight.

Light sources and functions

Since many use the floor lamp as reading lamp by the sofa or armchair, we have made it possible to insert different E14 light sources.
Most will choose LED light sources with either 2100 Kelvin or 2700 Kelvin to match the room’s comfort.
For those with vision impairment, we recommend using a low-vision light source from SunFlux in 5000 Kelvin that enhances the contrast of the light from the floor lamp. You can find several types
As the floor lamps on/off button is positioned on top of the lamp shade, it’s easy to find. You don’t have to bend over backwards to turn the lamp on or off.

Personal style and decor

Everyone’s style is different. Whether it is cosiness, functionality, classic design or bohemian you aim for, a floor lamp will fit your interior design.
If you are having troubles with finding your own style you can try using an interior designer. They can help you find what’s right for you.

Create the best atmosphere with Capelo

Your Flemming Agger design floor lamp will probably decorate your livingroom for many years to come.
Experience how the lighting illuminates the room so beautifully and how the floor lamp sets an elegant and timeless scene for your interior design.