Inspiration from friends of capelo

From klaksvík Faroe Islands

Nature is already most beautifully met when you have passed the 6.3 km long North-East tunnel, which is drilled 150 meters below sea level, from Leirvik and arrives at Klaksvik. A beautiful town around the fjord with nice shops and cafes.


Black capelo wall lamp

At the Faroe Islands, in Klaksvík, one is expected with beautiful simple nature, which is why just the capelo wall lamp and table lamp fit beautifully in the interior. Already in the entrance where there is an elegant built-in shoe cabinet in the wall, the capelo wall lamp is finely mounted with hidden installation so that the lamp is simply switched on and off in the ethically beautiful location on the lamp shelf. The function and the location here have both a practical function that you see your footwear in the closet and that the lamp gives the entrance atmosphere. Precisely the simplicity and the fact that the lamp is made of ferrous metal has been the well-considered reason for choosing the ECO friendly lamps. The warm energy-saving light from the sunflux LED light source also limited the distinguished CO2 emission and the choice of the dried cereal flowers shows consideration for nature.

Black capelo table lampe

The living room in the house has created a mood on the small living room table, with a black table lamp, which contrasts nicely with the white walls and showcase. Precisely the simplicity of Nordic design helps create the peace we all look for when we get home.

The lamps is fit with SunFlux LED bulbs for best light quality.