About us

The Capelo sustainable design lamps by Flemming Agger are made with care for the environment. We like to say they are classic, danish design lamps with a colorful twist. Get inspiration here.

We have thought of everything we can to make the lamps sustainable. All metal parts are made of 100% recycled iron, so when the lamp is reused in 100 years, iron can be re-melted. The wall lamp itself and the lampshade are shipped protected during shipping in an “egg shape of recycled cardboard” and a hemp bag that can be composted after use. The cardboard box is also made of recycled cardboard.

Our parent company, SunFlux ApS, was founded in 2007 in Glostrup, Denmark where we still have our headquarters and showroom today. Those years of experience mean that you can be sure that there is a lighting expert behind every sale. So not only do you get beautiful design, you also get great lighting with Capelo

Regards the Capelo team