capelo wall lamp

Your ECO friendly capelo design wall lamp creates a great atmosphere and can be used as a bedside lamp next to the bed, as a reading lamp by the sofa or as kitchen lamps over the kitchen table. The many colour combinations make them always match your taste. The wall lamps’ smart on / off button at the centre of the lamp makes it easy to mount it anywhere. Dimmable wall light: If you want to dim the lamp, the lamp must only be switched on with a dimmable light source in.

capelo wall lamp by Flemming Agger

A Danish designed wall lamp in Nordic design creates a homely feel

A wall lamp can shed a soft mood lighting or a focused light. Wall lamps can be used for different purposes. For example, the capelo wall lamp can be part of a sculptural decor in the living room, illuminate a desk in an office, or ease reading in bed. As a bedside lamp, it also illuminates the room so that you can better orient yourself in the bedroom. As a conservatory lighting, you can get a great mood with the wall lamp if you choose to put, for example, warm LED light sources such as SunFlux Glow E14 dæmpbar it provides the cosy lighting we all like.


Here’s how to create the mood that fits your decor

Capelo’s wall lamp series consists of white wall lamps and black wall lamps. For the wall lamps, you can then select models with handmade metal shades of 100% recycled iron in the colours black, white, pink, zinc yellow and 1950s green. These metal screens provide a more direct light. Furthermore, there is a shade; Dragonfly, which provides lighting in rooms. The wall lights are all for the E14 LED light source, and the space the lamp hangs in can change character by choosing light sources with different Kelvin temperatures, from warm light to cold light. Start by looking at the room you are decorating. What lines does it have? Does it need contrasts? Look at colours. Lamps are typically something we have for many years. Use the advice of interior designers if in doubt. It is often well spent.


Minimalist decor

Our capelo wall lamps fit the minimalist decor we see in apartments around Denmark. The trend is to have functional wall lights located in bedrooms, hotel rooms and kitchens.


Sustainable production of 100% recycled iron


We have thought of everything we can to make the wall lamp sustainable. All metal parts are made of 100% recycled iron, so when the lamp is reused in 100 years, iron can be re-melted. The wall lamp itself and the lampshade are shipped protected during shipping in an “egg shape of recycled cardboard” and a hemp bag that can be composted after use. The cardboard box is also made of recycled cardboard. So remember to recycle, see here.